Thursday, October 02, 2014

Being an adult

For ages I have been wondering when I would BECOME an adult. I've being dreading it, wishing it, just plain wondering about it. My dad WAS an adult (now he's becoming childish, but that's just some other post). My mother was too. Most of my teachers, at least till I was about 15.

Today I am past 40, I have an apartment, I am A DAD, have no problem keeping my job or performing as I should in it, have a long term relationship with a wonderful woman with no drama and plain vanilla days (with some spice some days, but mainly vanilla).

I THINK I'm an adult now. If my 15 year old self would see my today self I think he would think "Ok, yeah, an adult". At best, he'd hopefully see a cool adult. Or an OK adult. Hopefully. The thing is when did this adulthood creep up on me? I go back in time in my mind, and I have been me in every step of the way. No child-me, AND THEN adult-me. Just plain me. When did this wrinkled, fatty man took over?

Pretty happy with my life, pretty happy that I still engage myself on learning new things, on all arenas, even work. Have discovered new fears (see the world with father-eyes and EVERYTHING is a potential hazard), and even new dreams. Perhaps that's just me, and not part of child-me.
I hope so.


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