Tuesday, September 19, 2006


It's a matter of will
It's a pledge, a promise, an affirmation and an affront

I am not my fears
I am not my mistakes
I am not my parents
I am not my children

I am today
I am what I love
I am what I dream
I am what I hurt
I am you

I don't relinquish
I don't abuse
I grow
I forgive
I perform
I persevere
I march
I do
I will
I will
I will

It is done

Monday, September 18, 2006

To be a bright...

Ok.. so I normally write in spanish, but some people have commented on the fact that I was supposed to write on different languages, so that more people could understand what I write (not that many people do read this blog...). Alas, a promise is a promise.

I was talking to a friend, a former classmate, who some months ago asked me if I believed in God. Had this been a "close friend" or someone from some other country I wouldnt had have been surprised. But this guy is a swede, we met in school and although we did have some joint projects together, we never became "buddies". Swedes dont usually ask personal questions. They do tend to ask purposeful questions, so I was wondering where this was leading. After half a second hesitation I said I didnt. He smiled.
- "I knew it. So, are you a bright?"
Again hesitation. Was he meaning in broken english if I thought I was bright or smart? Is this some kind of sect? Is this a joke?
-"I dont think so..." I wanted to say "not recently", but I wasnt quite sure he'd appreciate the humor.
-"Oh, you must read about it. You'll like it"
Again, the mexican side of me smiled ("it might hurt at first, but you'll learn to like it", I thought).
He wrote something on a piece of paper and handed it to me.
Some days later he wrote me an email.
Just one word : "So ?"
I replied "Yes".

I havent yet begun to participate with this, but I'm looking forward to it. I just got a mail, part of the newsletter you can subscribe to. It's about joining a group trying to explain morality and the evolution of it from a naturalistic perspective. This looks promising.