Monday, October 09, 2006

The dungeon master

I do get the wall.
I really do. I understand EVERY FUCKING little bit.
I dont fear it, I dont hate it. Maybe I should.
I know its there and I sometimes wonder if it was ever not there. Then I remember it was me who built it. It is then I realize it has grown. There are layers upon layers. I dont fear the wall because there are many obstructing walls in the way, which shade its constraints, painted in all sorts of vibrant colors to hide its dull grey core. A wall that protects me from the wall.
I've learnt to enclose things in walls. I've learnt to enclose beautifull flowers and even music. They will remain there, zombies, not really alive, not quite dead, stuck in walls. Would you rather then perish? (laughter)
People marvel at some of the walls I've built. Sometimes I do too. I know they have cracks, i know they are built on air. But I've managed to capture many cracks inside walls, and to support some walls on other walls, creating an all sustaining, all encompasing wall. Heck, if science and religion can do it, why can't my wall do it? It's an amazing wall.
Am i free? Are you? Do you see your wall? I can point it out to you. In the process it will give sustenance to my wall. Even if you see how the wall is built, and how I am building in your space, you can't stop it. It's too late. You have already read this. It is too late. Soon you will start to appreciate its structure, wonder how didn't you see it before. Then we will talk about our walls. Or not. Do you really care if we ever discuss that? Do you think I care? The beauty of the wall...
Im tired. Ive built enough. You can take it from here.